Mya Hin Thar
(Enhance Health and Vitality Herbal Supplement Capsules for Men)



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1 box / 10 Capsules
1 box / 10 Capsules

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MYA HIN THAR - Enhance Health and Vitality 100% Herbal Supplement Captsuals for Men Only

Mya Hin Thar has been sceintifically prepared from selected indigeneous herbs to produce a healthy highly effective remedy for impotency, erectile dysfunction in men over 40.
Daily use of this capsules, will give a satisfied happy marital relationship and ensure fertility. It will refill all loss of engergy and muscular strength for both young and old men.


Combination of 100% natural herbs.


• Detail instruction inserted.
• No harmful chemicals products have been added.
• Not to be taken by Heart patients, or when under high fever, or when over exhausted.



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